Winters are here!!

“The chilly winds, falling leaves, hazy mornings, murky environment and hushed streets are enough to enunciate that winter season is here. Getting out of the blankets and jumping into the shower when your teeth talk nineteenth to the dozen makes the winters horrible! However, along with winter brings a lot of fun and relaxation! So welcome them.”


Winter is nearly here, but do not let the cold weather addle your wardrobe brain. The time to take out all the stuff that was packed before eight months is here; time to design your wardrobe again, hanging sweaters and replacing your flowy frocks with jeans and mufflers. Take out gloves, jackets, socks, jumpers and all the other wooly apparels that can save you from harsh cold breezes of winter.


Protect your crowning glory during the cold winter season. Some precautionary measures can prevent your hair becoming dry, frizzy and brittle out of the harsh effects that the winter weather can bring.

  • ·         Shampoo your hair less in winter to keep its natural oils.
  • ·         Apply a hair moisturizing conditioner regularly.
  • ·         Use hair styling creams instead of gels.
  • ·         Dry your hair thoroughly before going outdoors to prevent breakage.
  • Avoid taking long hot showers or washing hair frequently in hot water. 
  • Use natural hot oil treatment if you have an excessively dry damaged hair.


Your cheeks become as hard red apples, dry and stiff. Moreover, lips become chapped and fissured. Wearing thick clothes and additional layers of clothing worsens the situation as it prevents the skin to breathe, thus making the skin to look flaky, dull, and feel irritated. Your skin needs a layer of squelchy moist. Use some good moisturizer, lotion or cold cream to make your cheeks as well as your hands & feet soft and smooth. After taking bath your skin becomes rough so get a bottle of lotion, apply it on your skin, and knead this will definitely prevent it from toughening.


Now that winter is here and we are looking at ways to stay warm. While we can turn up our heaters and curl up in blankets, there is one thing that can warm us from the inside out. A hot drink can take away those winter blues and make us feel toasty warm again. There are many types of hot drinks that you can have. They range from the black teas and herbal teas to the sweeter drinks like hot chocolate. That sweet taste of hot chocolate can do wonders on a winter’s night. With marshmallows, cream and chocolate sprinkles a hot chocolate can be both a hot drink and a creamy dessert.

Hot milk with a hodgepodge of flavors, green tea and yes personally my favorite coffee makes the winters more enjoyable.



A warm snack on a cold winter day can help fill you and warm you up.

The tasty, delightful and delicious nuts come alongside with the arrival of winters. The pistachios, almonds, cashews, figs, peanuts, walnuts and groundnuts are the true and real delights of this season. They are lusciously tasty and equally healthy as well. If you take a fist full of nuts, it will provide you all the nutritional values that your body wants. Different desserts can be made with these nuts. In winter, the use of chocolate becomes more as it is used in many winter drinks and desserts so this season serves as the “eid” of chocolate lovers.


Well, in winters people become lazy and sleepy as well. The nights approach and the days are gone so quickly, so people went to their beds comparatively early as summers. Amusement in winters is not a big deal. You can get a mug of hot coffee and sit in front of your window to enjoy the cold breezes that blow off your hair. On the other hand, you can lie in your cozy bed covering yourself with a warm and snug comforter having a bowl of peeled peanuts. How pleasant! What about grabbing a mug of your favorite hot beverage in your blanky with another new copy of smash!


Yes, the most important and preferred time of this time of year is winter vacation. Winter is the right time to wind down, dream, relax and enjoy. Spend some truly memorable vacations. Pack up your bags, cast off your inhibitions and curl up in your comforters until the schools summon you!

Happy cold winters!

By: Fizzah maryam 



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