The oratory of bringing revolution

The revolution is defined as “A forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system” and our youth want to bring revolution here in Pakistan. “Bringing revolution” has become a ‘catchphrase’ of many “youth” organizations and our youth is so frustrated of everyday situation that they are simply misled by the people who want to use them for their own false purposes. Just coming up with a zealous speech and summing up what you want in Pakistan is not ample!
People say that “A revolution can change the current situation of Pakistan.” I also agree but can a resolution bring practical changes to Pakistan? Will the economy, education system and everyday situation improve just by resolving? This empty rhetoric is just for the satisfaction of their own minds, that “I have addressed the Pakistani youth and that’s enough, they would be voting for me!” Actually, sometimes an alternative route which is short and accelerating is adopted which simply ends up into “nothing”. What we need is a drastic and long lasting change, and a revolution is not just enough to bring that, sometimes shortcuts appears to be more appealing and the individual turns to a route that is not unswerving.

You may be wondering that what I want to say, it is just that:
“A revolution is not needed, what we need is a Revolutionary progress!”
French revolution in France and American Revolution in America are two most prominent revolutions, which brought drastic changes. What needs to be understood is that Pakistan is a different case. Here, orations cannot work, only hard work and “sincere” hard work can work! Your speeches cannot strengthen the economy, they cannot end up the poverty, only talking about bringing a revolution; “INQILAAB” cannot fill the empty growling stomach of a child lying on a foot path, and the killing of innocents can never be stopped by these addresses!
“If you want a change then just don’t emphasize on the ways to bring it, practically bring it.”
Some of the organizations (simply “parties”) are trying to divert our minds by saying that “We will bring a change.” I agree that only the youth of Pakistan can bring a change, but which youth? A teen spending whole day at FB, smoking that “colored & flavored” tobacco and attending those revolutionary addresses; he can bring change? Just by writing at your FB profile that you are working as volunteer at some organization does not mean that you are a part of bringing a revolution!
“Revolutions aren’t brought by speaking scarcely; they are brought by working practically.”
The revolutionary development can only be brought by “education” and “hard work” which Pakistan needs badly. At present our youth needs to work towards progress in education, but some are obscuring their minds by telling that they would bring revolution! As I quoted before that by making speeches you can divert our mind but you cannot change the frightening situation of country by addressing!
So, my end note is the youth of Pakistan must understand clearly what their responsibility is and how they can build up this nation, and resolve not to be misled by those ambiguous people who choose to use them for their own purposes and blueprints.

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