karachi crippled by heavy rainfall

As the sun conceals behind the clouds and rain drop fall on the ground, love for the nature deepens. Last week, heavy rainfall battered Karachi. Karachites were pleased due to the fluctuation of weather to an exalted state but then there were others who were facing utter miseries. I was sifting through my news feed and a status caught my eye:
“Finally raining, rainbows everywhere.”
 I liked this so much and copied it as my own status, but the reality is that there were no rainbows. People were actually cursing either the government or the rain being caught up in traffic jams. The whole city was waterlogged, 80% of the city had no electricity and KESC was publicly messaging the citizens to keep themselves away from wires and all. That’s it! And yes, media was playing a pivotal role in narrating the “rain-story”. I myself was caught up in a traffic jam at MA Jinnah road and to the utter disappointment there was nothing to break the fast at iftar. Downpour was continued for three hours and my car was not moving about an inch.
Water flowed in the houses, feeders tripped and inconvenience was at its peak. As a nation, all of us have a habit of putting the blame of our failures onto the others and the same thing was happening. Political leaders were blaming each other, while researching for this article I read the statement from one of our leader which says:
“These cursed rains have caused all this havoc.”
Whoa! Now let’s curse the nature as well!
“Water flown into our houses, the whole Saadi town was plunged in darkness and no attempts were being made to deplete and drain the overflowing water,” Said a citizen, Bilal awan. And nearly all the karachites were facing the same probs.


In our childhood we were given topic to write essays: “Baarissh; rehmat ya zehmat?” and we use to write“Baarissh, Khuda ki rehmat hy and blah blah!” But Karachi was presenting an “opposite” picture of this. This time every one of us was cursing rain, why? Due to our own flaws.  Along with the government and associated authorities we the citizens are equally responsible. I sit here, writing, and recommending and you, reading, consenting or dissenting but none of us practically has the strength to accept our flaws and mistakes. Do we?



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