educational racism

There is a list of tribulations Pakistan is coping with. Besides all those political marches, monetary crises and hypocritical politics we are also facing the education slump which is worsening day by day. There’s an “educational racism” among the Pakistanis. A-levels, Cambridge system, matriculation system are the three groups into which the students are categorized. The one who’s speaking American English is more sagacious; the one with British accent is less and one who studied at government school no matter how intelligent he is, not paid much attention. Despite all these systems, Pakistan’s education system has failed to equip the youth with the skills necessary for the development of a modern state, society and economy. Education is a social panacea but dividing educators and educational institutions into groups will just end up in creating a cataclysm soon in the country.
People don’t like studying in government schools because they don’t want themselves to be called as “low grades”. And that’s not their fallacy, everyone knows the condition of govt. schools, most of them are just ruining; converting into ghost schools! The O’ and A’ Level system is considered the pinnacle of learning for students in private (modern) schools. While government schools use the federal and provincial boards, which use techniques and curricula decades behind modern standards. There’s a bridge between these two schemes of education.
On the other hand Private schools are catering different social classes. There are average schools for the middle class and highfy schools for the upper class. Thus this class isolation, which is so palpable in Pakistani society, begins right in the era of primary schooling making the children egoistic. Children belonging to each social class go to schools where the other students come from the same economic background, thus growing up to be narrow-minded and self-centered individuals who fail to have compassion with people from dissimilar economic milieus.
At higher levels the situations become more exacerbated. Lower class is confined to choose “arts” because the fees of pre-medical, engineering and fields are out of their range. All the struggles have to surrender in front of educational racism! Students from affluent backgrounds enjoy not only better access to schools, colleges, teachers and tutors, but also have access to a readymade network of contacts. These can help them in getting internships and job opportunities that students from poorer backgrounds are completely cut off from. I read it in a newspaper column that:
“In Pakistan, after 16 years of education a clerk’s son ends up as a clerk and a manager’s son ends up as a manager.”
Yes, this is the truth! A poor student has no right to do MBA while the one born with a silver spoon in mouth can opt for any field and get seats in multi-national companies without any difficulty as he has “money” and partisanships to get the seat of his father. It is so easy for an affluent student to get admission wherever he wants; but what’s the guilt of a poor one?

This educational segregation is the cause of Pakistanis growing problems. As I said before “education is a social panacea”. This isolation of economic, educational and social is creating disparity among people, and then people talk about class segregation in Pakistan!!

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